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JBG HEXA TMT bars are Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) steel is a new generation high-strength steel that has high tensile strength with better ductility and better bonding strength, which makes them an important construction material for building projects in India. This is why finding the right TMT bar from the best brand of TMT bar manufacturing company is very important.

1. Check the gradation:

TMT bars have many different grades/types. A higher grade value indicates higher strength of the TMT bar from the best brand of TMT bar manufacturing company. The ductility of the TMT bar decreases as grade is increased which would not be good for earthquake-prone zones. High-stress ratio (Max Strength/Grade, i.e., Ultimate Tensile Strength/Yield Strength) with higher elongation ensures earthquake resistance of the TMT bars. Therefore before purchasing for a particular grade of TMT bar ensure the Stress ratio and elongation parameters of the bars.

2. Brand and Certification:

This is an important point to consider while choosing a TMT Bar from the best quality TMT bar manufacturing company. Before purchasing TMT Bars, always check the Brand profile and the ISO Certification and BIS certification of the brand. It has always been said to go for popular brands having the BIS certification which ensure the proper quality. The best brand of TMT bars is JBG HEXA TMT bars because their products are ISO certified and have BIS certification which provides supreme quality in this brand TMT bars.

3. Bending ability:

As per the design needs of the concrete structure, the builders might need to bend the TMT bars while the application of TMT bars. If the TMT steel bars are of proper quality (high-Stress ratio and high elongation parameters), they will not show any signs of cracks because of bending. Hence, checking for flexibility is important for the best TMT bar constructions.

4. Manufacturing Technique:

Using cold twisted technology for making TMT bars from the best TMT bar manufacturing company is now an old process. The Modern manufacturing process uses Thermo Mechanical treatment with a THERMEX  water cooling system. This gives the bar greater flexibility and strength.

5. Rust Resistant:

It is important to check if the TMT bars from the best TMT bar manufacturing company are safe from corrosion or not. Corrosion and rusting can create serious problems and finally hold back the quality of the construction. TMT bars are sometimes open to moist conditions and hence, TMT bars from the best TMT bar manufacturing company need to be free from corrosion just like JBG HEXA TMT bars.

6. Naked Eye Test:

Every meter length of the TMT bars from the best TMT bar manufacturing company should have the company symbol. TMT Bars should be free from rust and look newer than ever. The ends of each bundle should be of equal lengths.

All the factors put together for one such TMT bar brand may be taken as the best choice for any sort of concrete construction and JBG HEXA TMT bars have all the quality required in a TMT bar. We hope that these points help you in choosing the best TMT bars from the best TMT bar manufacturing company.

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