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Best TMT Bars


Best TMT bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars) are one of the most important parts of the structural system when it comes to constructing a house. Best TMT bars are the life of the structure—the strength of the building lies upon the strength of the bars. Therefore, it becomes important that while buying them, one is sure that they are buying the best, as they give the much-needed balance and safety to a building structure. This is why it is very important to always be careful when choosing among the best TMT bars.

The quality of the best TMT bars depends on three major factors:

  • Quality of raw materials
  • Quality rolling mill that gives the proper shape for all rebars
  • Quality system for quenching and tempering

These are the important factors that need to be judged before choosing the best TMT Bars:

  1. Strength & Flexibility of the TMT Bar

    Best TMT Bars that are being selected for construction reasons should have the right balance of Strength & Flexibility. For this property, only the best TMT Bars are accepted all over the world for all types of construction reasons. India comes under a high seismic zone with a violent history of earthquakes. Therefore it is important to choose the best TMT Bar that has the proper balance of strength & flexibility so that it can soak in added shock during an earthquake and keep the building from not being destroyed.

  2. Grade of the TMT Bar-

    TMT Bars come in different grades. The grade of the TMT Bar controls the elongation. Low-grade TMT Bars have low strength and high flexibility whereas high-grade TMT Bars have high strength & low flexibility. High-grade TMT Bars can bend up to 90 degrees without losing their property. Fe 550 D & 600 SD are better than any other grades.

  3. ISO Certified TMT Bar-

    Before buying the TMT Bar you need to check the certification as well. ISO (International Standards Organization) certified TMT Bars are the ones that should be chosen. This makes the quality of the best TMT Bars more certain.

  4. Highly Ductile TMT Bar- 

    Highly Ductile TMT Bars are recommended the most for all construction purposes. It can be used for any structure because it can bend easily without any weakness involved. For high ductility, it becomes easier to carry from one place to another as well. Highly ductile TMT Bar has:

  • Higher Yield Strength
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Easy Bendability
  • High Weldability
  1. Corrosion Resistant TMT Bar- 

    Best TMT Bars are exposed to the environment during construction. Corrosion Resistant (CRS) TMT Bars are high in demand for all types of construction reasons. Thermomechanical treatment leads to an even and thick-tempered martensitic outer area, completely free from inner stress. These best TMT Bars are very corrosion resistant and less prone to weakness.

  2. Reputation-

    It is always recommended to buy the best TMT Bars from big brands.

A premier manufacturer of high-quality Fe550D TMT and Fe600SD steel bars, JBG Hexa TMT Bar, offers genuine strong, and long-life quality TMT steel bars that assure top-grade equilibrium, safety, and stability to concrete structures. With its well-established in-house infrastructure capabilities and capacities plus comprehensive stock of raw materials and finished products, JBG HEXA TMT remains the perfect choice for TMT steel bars among the top TMT bar company in Kolkata for all types of construction needs. Today, Fe550D and 600SD grade TMT bars manufactured by JBG HEXA TMT are extensively used in varied construction projects from high-rise residential buildings to long-span bridges and flyovers; etc. Available in different thicknesses, the best TMT bars can be selected following the design requirement of the construction structure.

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