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HEXA, analogous to a honeycomb, symbolizes perfection, hard work, and environmental protection, which is what our brand stands for. We aim to deliver the best TMT Steel bars, manufactured by our qualified and dedicated workforce, in a socially and environmentally responsible environment, seeking to not just meet your needs but also in building the community by implementing the best business and production practices and ensuring corporate citizenship.

What is HEXA?

HEXA, is derived from the word ‘hexagon’, which originated from the Greek word ‘hex’ meaning ‘six’, and ‘gonia’ meaning ‘angle’. Connecting the six qualities of- fire resistance, earthquake resistance, strong grip, corrosion resistance, higher elongation and better weldability- HEXA is the first of its kind, an indestructible TMT bar that not just symbolises the shape of a honeycomb but it’s strength as well.

JBG HEXA - Best Quality TMT Bars for Construction

JBG Hexa is a premium brand manufacturing the first kind of indestructible TMT Bars. Hexa stands for resistance and durability. We aim to deliver the best quality TMT Steel Bars produced by our dedicated and trained workforce in a socially sustainable environment.
Hexa stands for the word ‘hexagon’ which originates from the Greek word ‘hex,’ meaning ‘six,’ connecting it to the six qualities that we aim to fulfill- fire resistance, earthquake resistance, powerful grip, corrosion resistance, higher elongation, and better weldability. We aim to create the perfect foundation for your homes, to ensure cooperation and peace within.
JBG Hexa TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically treated through a globally leading Thermex Technology. With a smooth finish to ensure a flawless structure and high strength, we not only aim to fulfill your needs but also to build a community by inculcating accurate business and production practices and ensure corporate citizenship.
TMT Steel Bars are a common choice for construction works and are used for building strong, concrete structures. These bars are manufactured in different sizes and grades to suit our clients’ needs and preferences.
Our modern take on management and contemporary approach towards production adds to the strength of our country’s industrial base by not only efficiently using the earth’s natural resources, but also by improving the living standards of the people.
JBG Hexa is not only approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) but is also the largest TMT Bar manufacturing group in Eastern India. We strive to set the benchmark by being the best in the market.

Top Six Features of JBG HEXA TMT BAR:

1) Strong Grip
2) Earthquake Resistant
3) Corrosion-Resistant
4) Fire Resistant
5) Higher Elongation
6) Better Weldability

To ensure high strength, flexibility, and lesser rusting, JBG Hexa produces the best quality TMT Steel Bars with the highest elongations and better corrosion resistance features. These TMT Bars are manufactured by a team of expert and skilled engineers in the world-class manufacturing unit of JBG. JBG HEXA TMT Bars are manufactured to add better bonding and higher AR values. Hexa Fe 550 D and Fe 600 SD are the most economical solution for their lower section weights and high-class quality.

Our Environmental policies

Through our economic and green policies, Jai Balaji Group stands for making a difference and creating value for our society. Our modern take on management and our innovative approach towards production adds to the strength of our nation’s industrial base by not only efficiently utilizing and conserving natural resources, but also improving the quality of life of the people, by improving water, sanitation facilities and education of dependent families, and of the employees by fostering a holistic work environment to promote teamwork, and to nurture talent and passion. With our high ethical standards as well as our operative and economic outlook, we strive to be a benchmark for corporate governance, operational performance and green conservation in the country.


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