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Leading TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal

HEXA (From Jai Balaji Group) is one of the renowned and leading TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal for producing world-class steel bars. JBG HEXA TMT bars are thermo-mechanically treated through thermex technology for high yield strength. JBG HEXA is manufacturing the best quality TMT of grade bars with the best features for the construction industry. Best TMT bars are always manufactured at Integrated Steel Plants where all the stages of manufacturing of the raw materials, from beginning to end, are done under one roof.

The perfect balance of strength and ductility in JBG HEXA TMT bars results in a highly safe design with minimum use of reinforcement. At the same time, JBG HEXA TMT bars are very safe against the action of earthquakes. JBG HEXA TMT is one of the largest TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand.

JBG HEXA is the top TMT bar in West Bengal to provide high-grade steel bars for any construction work. The company is known to be a leading integrated steel manufacturer and also offers the best steel In West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand. JBG HEXA is also one of the most popular companies to make high-strength and advanced high-end steel products for its automotive segments.

Strong Grip
Earthquake Resistant
Fire Resistant
Higher Elongation
Better Weldability


(TMT Bar manufacturer in Bihar, Jharkhand & West Bengal)

1. The TMT bars score high on strength and ductility.
2. They are thermo-mechanically treated through a leading world thermex.
3. Excellent weldability without loss of strength at welded joints.
4. Smooth finish ensuring classy appearance and defect-free structure.
5. High weldability hence, keeping construction structure unchanged.
6. Bars have fixed lengths for easy construction.
7. Earthquake resistant and high thermal resistance.


Thermomechanical treatment

Thermo mechanical treatment is a metallurgical process combining mechanical or plastic deformation processes like compression, forging, rolling etc., with thermal operations like heat-treatment, water quenching, heating and cooling at various rates, into a single process. The four metal physical processes in TMT- hardening, recovery and recrystallisation, precipitation, and allotropic transformations make use of microalloying elements, which play an important role in TMT. By selective regulation of temperature and casting conditions, steel’s material properties are heightened manifolds, which would otherwise not be possible through traditional methods of production.

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Application of thermomechanical processing in rebars steel

The water quenching process produces a high-strength bar from inexpensive, low carbon steel. In the process, the surface layer of the bar is quenched with water, which pressurizes the crystal structure of intermediary layers and deforms them, while simultaneously tempering the quenched layers using the heat from the bar’s core.

Steel billets of 130 mm, also known as “pencil ingots”, are heated to a temperature of approximately 1200° C to 1250° C in a reheat furnace. They are then progressively rolled to reduce the size of the billets to the desired shape and size of the reinforcing bar. After rolling, the billets move through a quench box where the billet’s surface layer gets converted to martensite, causing it to shrink. This shrinkage pressurizes the core, helping to form the correct crystal structures, maintaining the core’s heat and austenite. A microprocessor helps in maintaining the temperature difference throughout the cross-section of the bars to ensure that they have the necessary mechanical properties during all the processes.

The bar leaves the quench box with a temperature gradient through its cross-section. As the bar cools, heat flows from the bar’s center to its surface so that the bar’s heat and pressure appropriately temper an intermediate ring of martensite and bainite.

Finally, the slow cooling after quenching automatically tempers the austenitic core to ferrite and pearlite on the cooling bed.

These bars exhibit a variation in microstructure in their cross-section and have strong, tough, tempered martensite in the surface layer of the bar, an intermediate layer of martensite and bainite, and a refined, tough, and ductile ferrite and pearlite core.

As one of the renowned and leading TMT bar manufacturers in West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand we use the best technology to produce high-grade TMT bars for strong construction works.

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