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protect your home from earthquakes

India has many earthquake histories for which many cities have been badly affected. As per the Ministry of Earth Science, more than 200 cities in India come under a high-risk seismic zone but JBG HEXA is all prepared to fight any kind of circumstances. 

How Earthquake occur?

The outer hard layer of the earth is made up of two plates that exchange energy very frequently, the energy travels through the earth’s layer which makes us suffer a natural disaster known as an earthquake. Depending on the situation the form of the earthquake effect changes. Sometimes it affects the huge constructions on the land and sometimes it is the reason for a tsunami. In fact, the active seismic zones are damaged very badly due to the earthquake which also results in huge loss of property. We should take proper measures to be saved from an earthquake. To protect your home from earthquakes JBG HEXA TMT bars are the best choice for construction.


  1. The construction material should be strong and flexible

The choice of construction material should be done wisely. Use JBG HEXA TMT bars to protect your house against earthquakes. Good quality TMT bars can absorb extra energy to provide better tensile strength

  1. Strong Walls makes your home Earthquake Resistant

As the building moves during the earthquake, the structure of the building should be strong to absorb the shock. Good quality of steel plays an important role in the flexibility of the building. JBG HEXA TMT bars are strong, flexible, and earthquake resistant.

  1. Keep the core strong and foundation moisture constant

During the planning of the construction, one should always check the foundation of the building. The water and soil differ from place to place so are the foundation of the building. It is necessary to ensure the drainage system too to keep the foundation moisture-free, dams can weaken the core. TMT steel bars 600SD and 550D are the best grade steel bars for any foundation.

  1. Simple reinforcement techniques should be used

Simple reinforcement techniques can protect the building from an earthquake. The utilization of shear walls, cross bracing and shear core gives extra support to the building structure to bear the shock of the earthquake. JBG HEXA TMT bars provide the extra support required to make the building stronger and support the structure. Shear walls must be placed in and around the stairs to support the hollow structure.

  1. Repair and renovation are important

Buildings require timely attention; the cracks and dams should be repaired on time otherwise it becomes a hazard. Moreover, to keep the building strong and long-lasting it is very important to renovate it on time.

An earthquake is an inevitable natural disaster. One cannot avoid it rather can prepare for the consequences. We should take measures before the disaster to have less effect on us. Plan your construction today with JBG HEXA TMT Bars and get a stronger tomorrow.

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