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Important facts on TMT bar


Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars, better known as TMT bars, are the most common construction materials used in many construction projects all over the world. These are very favored due to their good-quality strength and strong connection with concrete. Below are a few important facts on TMT Bars-

  • High Strength bar:

This is the first important facts on TMT bar. TMT bars are Thermo-Mechanically treated with a special thermex technique that provides these bars with high strength. This process contains quick quenching of very hot steel bars just after they come out from the rolling mill. The bars are passed through several water jets which turn their outer layer extremely hard leaving their inner core soft. This makes the TMT bars highly ductile and extremely strong.

  • Corrosion Resistant properties:

The second important facts on TMT bar is its corrosion-resistant property. During the manufacturing process of TMT bars, these bars are never twisted like the steel bars of past years which are called CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed) steel bars or TOR. This makes the TMT bars free from any leftover stress. Moreover, during the quenching process of TMT bars, the controlled water-cooling stops the formation of harsh carbides which is the main reason behind the corrosive process of steel bars. This makes the TMT bars corrosion-proof. During the construction of houses or any other structure, the TMT bars are left unprotected from water for longer periods but rust never forms on the surface of TMT bars. Corrosion is a common problem in the case of ordinary steel bars. And that is why using ordinary steel bars can risk the safety and security of the structure.

  • High Ductility:

The third important facts on TMT bar is that TMT bars have very high ductility. These TMT bars are stronger than simple steel bars. This is why most of the big construction projects are using Fe 550 D (Ductile) & Fe 600 SD (Super Ductile) TMT bars.

  • Earthquake-resistant properties:

The fourth important facts on TMT bar is that TMT bars have very high bendability which makes them earthquake-resistant. TMT bars can easily turn into various shapes. These can also be stretched to meet the special demands of construction measurements. These bars have a soft inside and a tough outer layer. They also have better elongation which makes them very flexible. This, in turn, gives high flexibility to the concrete structure. The struggle against the weakness property of the TMT bars lets them bear heavy seismic loads. And that is why TMT bars are always wanted and recommended for construction in areas that are likely to get affected by earthquakes.

TMT bars also have thermal resistant properties which make them a safe and sound choice for fire issues.

  • The sixth important facts on TMT bar is that the actual strength of a TMT bar lies in the actual balance between Toughness and Elongation or Flexibility.
  • In the seventh important facts on TMT bar, it is said that choosing the best TMT bars is a very important factor when it comes to selecting the correct building materials.
  • The last salient fact on TMT bar is that TMT bars are used in all huge construction projects with the newest technological process and they come with very high strength.

JBG HEXA TMT Bars are one of the highest elongations to ensure high resistance to earthquakes and better corrosion resistance ensures lesser rust. The ribbed TMT bars are made by the best manufacturers to add better bonding and higher AR values. Fe 550 D and Fe 600 SD offer the most economical solution with their lower section weights and high-class quality.

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