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Thermo mechanical treatment includes the constant adding of warmth and a bending process to an alloy, in order to change its shape and make the microstructure better. Hence, warm rolling of metals, a well-known process in the industry, is a Thermo mechanical treatment that plays an important part in the making of steels, particularly the ones made in big bundles.

Further in this treatment, they are all rolled into a number of shapes depending on how it is applied. The changes lead to a breaking down of the original harsh inner structure by constant re-crystallization of the steel while still in its solid condition, and through gradual lessening in the chemical separation made known during casting. Also, the non-metallic inclusions, i.e. oxides, sulfides, and silicates, are broken up, some changed, and distributed throughout the steel in a more proper and constant manner.

A High level of Strength & Ductility comes into the steel for Thermo mechanical treatment. Steel turns into a ferrite-pearlite shape which means the outer layer of the core becomes hard as well as strong while the inside still remains soft. The main use of TMT is to provide, by selective control of temperature and formation conditions, a final product with many material properties which this particular material would not be able to reach under old methods of production.

Thermomechanically treated bars always resulted in important improvements in such properties as strength, stress-corrosion resistance, fracture toughness, and weakness-crack-initiation resistance.

Few important facts on Thermo Mechanical Treatment-

  • In this treatment process, a consistent solid form that is far greater than ordinary steels and the hardening forms during a more controlled cooling process.
  • The carbon ratio in TMT Bars is low thus the tensile strength is high and less fragile.
  • The tempering is done at a high temperature of 100°C which increases the strength and ductility.
  • During Thermo, mechanical process super ductility makes the TMT bars better therefore, the solidity causes the balance between Strength and Flexibility.
  • The fragile strength increases in Thermo mechanically treated Bars from time to time. That is why it is usable for any and every type of construction reasons.

Therefore, Thermo mechanical treatment turns steel bars into great options for construction purposes. It is important to choose only Thermo mechanically Treated Bars (TMT Bars) for construction reasons.

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